Jamacho – Hiking Through Queens Forest in Kathmandu, Nepal

Jamacho Hiking in Kathmandu

Walking through the Queen’s Forest, Jamacho Peak is at an altitude of 2128m. It is a hiking trail inside Shivapuri National Park which is of 3-5 hour hike duration.
On the way one can experience the true natural beauty, greenery, varieties of flora and fauna, and chirping of birds makes the hike memorable.
From the top, panoramic view of Kathmandu, Swoyambhu and surrounding hills can be seen.

Kushma Gyadi – Highest and Longest Suspension Bridge in Nepal

Tallest and Highest Suspension Bridge in Nepal, Kushma Gyadi

Tour Highlights of Kushma (Facts) Attractions 1. Three Longest and Tallest Suspension Bridge Kushma – Gyadi Bridge [1,128 feet (344 mtrs) Long, 384 feet (117 mtrs) above the Modi River ] Kushma – Katuwachaupari Bridge Modi River Bridge 2. Cable Car 3. Kusma Bazaar How to reach Kushma Bazar, Parbat (Transportation) From Kathmandu, Take a …