Manung Kot – Above the Clouds

Manungkot Danda - Damauli Tanahun

Manung Kot lies in the Tanahun District of Western Nepal. Approximately at a distance of 43 KM from Pokhara and 150 KM from Kathmandu. And at an altitude of 1,000 mts (approx.) above the sea level.

“Godly Feeling – Living above the clouds”.

Lately, Manung Kot is gaining a lot of attraction among the internal tourists of Nepal. Early in the morning, the hill is covered/filled with clouds/fog. And when you reach the top of the hill, you’ll just feel like you’re in heaven (floating above the clouds).

The clips of this place are also getting viral on social media like TikTok and instagram.

Not only for its natural beauty, Manung Kot is also popular for its history. It is also known as the home of Nepal’s first poet Bhanu Bhakta Acharyas in-laws.

Manungkot Danda Camping
Camping at Manungkot Danda (Uchit Tamang)


It is believed that “The fog was created from this place”.

The myth goes like this, “Maharishi Parasar was in love with Machhegand (mother of Maharishi Bed Byas). And to hide his love relation, Maharishi Parasar created this fog.”

How to reach Manung Kot?

To reach Manung Kot, first you need to get to Damauli (Capital City of Tanahun District). You can easily get here on either a public or a private vehicle from any place of Nepal.

Then from Damauli, you’ll have to drive on a gravelled road for about 10 KM. You can either take a public vehicle or ride on your bike, scooter, etc.

You can also reach the place with a couple of hours (2-3 hours) hike.

Manung Kot Dada Route Map by Imfreee.Com
Manung Kot Dada Route Map

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What can you expect from Manung Kot?

From the top of the Manung Kot hill you can see the mountain ranges including Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Lamjung, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Machhapuchhre, etc.

For the best view of clouds and Mountain Ranges, reach to the top of the hill as early as possible. During Golden Hour (Sunrise), the view looks magical.

Also the panoramic view of Damauli bazaar, Gunadi, Madi and Sangey River can be seen clearly. And on the south, you can see Seti River as well.

From Damauli, you can also go to Bandipur, One of the best hill station in Nepal or Bhujung, Ghalegaun and Ghan Pokhara Villages in just couple of hours ride.

(Note: This article is completely based on my research and support of local friends, Photographers and Content Creators. Soon, I’ll visit this place myself and share my experience as well.)

And I’d like to thank @uchitmg_ and @up_for_the_travel for providing the images.

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Manung Kot FAQs

Where is Manung Kot?

Manung Kot hill is located in Tanahun District of Western Nepal. It is at a distance of 43 KM from Pokhara and 150 KM from Kathmandu. And lies at an altitude of 1,000 mts (approx.) from the sea level.

What's the best time/season to visit Manung Dada?

The best season to visit Manung Dada is during winter. But you can visit anytime or any season. And to get the best view reach to the top during Golden Hour (Sunrise).

Is it safe for camping at Manung Kot?

Yes, you can camp safely at the of Manung Dada near the Temple as long as you don’t disturb others. And Friday night is the safest day for camping as other camper (6-7 group) also visit there during weekend.

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