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Jamchen Vijaya Stupa

Jamchen Vijaya Stupa is a newly built beautiful monument on the top of Budhanilkantha Hill. From the top, you can see the panoramic view of Kathmandu Valley.

The stupa is open for visitors from 8:00 A.M – 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 5:00 P.M.  The path to reach there is a bit difficult, but the final destination will make you feel worth it.

The view from the top, clean air and serene environment will make you to stay and spend your time as much as possible.

Not only the environment outside, but also the environment inside the stupa is magical. Peace with melodious chanting music is really marvellous and it’ll compel you to meditate there for a while.

After being there, you’ll feel like you should have known this place earlier. 

You’ll return from the place with a promise that you’ll come again with your loved ones and also tell others about this place, and why should they visit?

How to reach Jamchen Vijaya Stupa?

Jamchen Vijaya Stupa
Jamchen Vijaya Stupa

Route: Ratnapark, Chakrapath, Budhanilkantha, ISKCON Temple, Jamchen Vijaya Stupa.

If you’ve a private vehicle then you can reach to the top on your vehicle.

But if you don’t, then you will have to first reach Budhanilkantha on Public Vehicle and then start your hike from there.

It’ll take around 1 – 1.5 hrs to reach the top.

  1. You can get a micro bus or a tempo to Budhanilkanth from Ratnapark. Or catch a bus for Ring road and then get off at Chakra path. And from there, catch a public vehicle to Budhanilkantha.
  2. Start your hike from Budhanilkantha.
  3. You’ll walk towards Budhanilkantha School, then to ISKCON Temple (Krishna Mandir), and from there you’ll have to walk uphill.
  4. You can ask locals for the way to reach Jamchen Vijaya Stupa.

Route to Jamchen Vijaya Stupa from Budhanilkantha

How did we end up there (Jamchen Vijaya Stupa)?

Couple of days before D-Day (the Day of hike), I saw a post on facebook group about a beautiful waterfall near Budhanilkantha.

And My instant reaction was, I must be there ASAP. So I tagged one of my friends and planned a trip.

The D-Day

From the Top of Jamchen Vijaya Stupa, Budhanilkantha
From the top of Jamchen Vijaya Stupa, Budhanilkantha

On the day of the Hike, we (4 friends) gathered at a place and started our journey at around 7:00 A.M. in search of that waterfall. 

We’re 4 people on 2 scooter, and it took us around 45 minutes to reach Budhanilkantha from Dhungedhara (near Swayambhunath).

We did not have much information about the place, all we had was the name of that waterfall, Bishnupaduka. 

So we asked about the place in a shop at Budhanilkantha, but found that they were unknown about the place.

Thus, we continued our journey towards ISKCON temple and a little bit uphill from there. And asked one of the locals about the place.

Finally he seemed to know about this place (Bishnupaduka), and showed us the way to there but said that scooter won’t reach there and we will have to walk to reach there.

So, we parked our scooter on an empty grassland and continued our journey. 

Man vs Wild

After walking for a while we’re in a dead end. So we asked again for a path to reach that waterfall.

But unfortunately she said she didn’t know about any waterfall there, and the road ends there.

With a sad face we’re returning back, and here we found another local who said he knew about the waterfall and it’s called Muhan. We thought that was the waterfall we’re looking for, so we asked for his guidance.

 Posing for a Photo in Muhan, Budhanilkantha
Posing for a Photo in Muhan, Budhanilkantha

He guided to the half way and showed us the further way. As his guidance we continued our journey.

And finally reached to river/stream with a heavy water flow. Here we thought, this is it. But instead of being a waterfall it looked like some kind of a dam which was later destroyed.

Anyway, we continued our journey searching for waterfall. We looked for any path that leads us uphill and to the river in belief of finding that mysterious waterfall.

We’re the only human being in that place. But without any fear we continued our journey. It was adventurous, also felt like Man vs Wild.

Battling with Blood Suckers

The path was slippery due to rain and covered with bushes (actually there’s no path). Since the path was too difficult, 2 of our friends stayed behind and the rest of us continued.

Finally we reached the river with a small but beautiful waterfall. We’re taking some photos there, suddenly one of my friends started screaming and jumping.

So I asked about the reason, and he said there’s leech on his leg. So he started to remove leech with his slipper, but unfortunately his slipper slipped out of his hand and he lost it (river took his slipper).

After looking for a while, he found multiple leeches on his feet. And later I also found some on my feet.

So we decided to return from there and join our other friends.

We returned from there and found our friends, and told about the leeches and slippers. By listening to that they laughed out loud. And started to look for leeches on their feet as well.

One of them also found a leech on his leg.

We didn’t want to stay there any longer, so we left and returned to the main road. 

Jamchen Vijaya Stupa: We’re Coming

Jamchen Vijaya Stupa, Budhanilkantha
Jamchen Vijaya Stupa, Budhanilkantha

From there, we could see the Stupa, so we decided to go there. Thus, we asked for a way to reach there, and one of the locals gave us the way and said it could take us around 45 mins to reach there.

So we continued our journey hurriedly. We even looked for shortcuts through the jungle.

On the half way two of us stayed there. But me and another friend continued.

On the way, we asked for directions to stupa, on a small shop. And they guided us.

Finally walking for about 15 mins from there, we reached to the stupa. The stupa was really amazing and the view from the top was mesmerizing.

And the most magical thing was that, the eagles were flying at our height. It felt like I could catch one of them with my hand and fly with them (I know that’s impossible). All I was saying is that they’re really close.

Finally with a happy heart, we roamed around the stupa, took some pictures and movies and returned from there, with a promise to come back soon again.

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Now, We knew about the Waterfall (Bishnupaduka)

While returning, we stayed on the shop, where we asked for the way a little bit earlier. And one of the sisters asked us whether we went to Jharana (waterfall) or not.

We’re amazed by the question and asked how far is it from there. And she said it’s just 15-20 mins from the Stupa.

We felt so stupid that the waterfall which was on the top, we’re looking at the bottom.

Unfortunately we couldn’t go there because we had left 2 of our friends behind. 

So with the promise to visit Jamchen Vijaya Stupa and the Waterfall (Bishnupaduka) soon again, we left the place and came down and finally at home in the noon.

Though, we got lost, bitten by leeches, lost slipper and harsh paths, the trip/hike was really adventurous and mesmerizing. The unknown details made our trip really amazing.

Everything we saw rivers, waterfalls, forests, rice fields, herbs, bushes, insects, people, and almost everything awed (surprised) us.

I would love to have such trips (not knowing much details) time and again. What about you?

Leave your comments down below. 👇

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Jamchen Vijaya Stupa in 1 Minute

Jamchen Vijaya Stupa FAQs

What is the name of the stupa in Budhanilkantha?

The name of the stupa at the top of the Budhanilkantha hill is “Jamchen Vijaya Stupa”. The view of whole valley can be seen from the top.

How do I get to Jamchen Vijaya Stupa?

First you will have to reach Budhnilkantha Temple, then take a road straight to Shiva Mandir, Muhan Pokhari, and follow the road towards Meraki Wellness Retreat, a little ahead you’ll reach Treez resort, just continue following the road, you will reach the Jamchen Vijaya Stupa.
Click Here for a Google Map from Maharajgunj to the Stupa.


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