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Imfreee.Com is a rapidly growing Adventure Travel Blog with a rising readership. The blog is geared toward people who are passionate about travel, and dream about strapping on a backpack and hitting the road. It offers travel tips, reviews, personal experiences, interviews, destination highlights, news, giveaways, and more, and receives thousands of monthly visits.

From advertising to social media management, from publicity for brands and destinations to trip planning, there are lots of ways we can work together.

How people are finding Imfreee.Com?

Imfreee.Com User Acquisition
Imfreee.Com User Acquisition

Organic Search (71.9%) – All the traffic that comes from any search engine (Chrome, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), specifically from unpaid search results. The user comes to the site by clicking on organic links on search engine results page. And the results are determined by how well the page is optimized for search engines.

Social (17.3%) – Social Referral traffic is when a user has landed on your site by clicking on a link from somewhere else, it could be another site, a social media or a search engine.

All Other Sessions (10.7%) – All Other Sessions means that the user either typed or bookmarked the website. Most of the time, users are typing it in and website is appearing in their search history to quickly revisit.

Advertising Options

I’m always open to discussing advertising and sponsored posts. Here are the ways we can work together:

  • High-quality Sponsored posts and branded content 
  • Social Media Coverage – I can promote your service/brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking for a cheap link, save your time and mine and contact a link farm instead. I only produce high-quality content and don’t sell links for $100. If you still contact me, I won’t reply and your email will go into spam.

Partnerships and Press Trips

I am always happy to work with travel PR professionals, so please feel free to contact me regarding news, press trips, etc.

I can’t wait to discover your destination/hotel/services, and tell all about it! And I will publish a review of my experience with beautiful photos , promote it on social media, and I’ll engage in live social media coverage when possible.

Brand Ambassador, Product Reviews, and Giveaways

Are you looking for an authentic, and engaging way to get your product in front of a new audience?

I love to write reviews of books, gear, accommodations, tours, and anything else related to travel. I enjoy trying new things and sharing my experiences with my audience. And I will accept certain complimentary goods, experiences, or services for review purposes, but I am always objective and honest in my reviews. I am happy to return tangible goods after reviewing if requested.

Readers love personal reviews. Ask me how we can collaborate.

Website Development, SEO, Brand Creation

Professionally, I’m a Software Developer. I’ve completed my Masters in IT and have been working as a Freelance Web/Software Developer from past 5 years.

I also have Software/Web Development Courses on YouTube ( 16,000+ Subscribers ) and Udemy ( 16,000+ Students ).

Content Creation, Social Media Management, Consulting

Do you have a website and you’re looking for some beautiful, captivating content? Would you like to be more active on social media, but there just aren’t enough hours in a day?
I’ve been working for years as a professional copywriter and social media manager, and I will be happy to discuss a possible collaboration.

Let’s Work Together

Please contact me ( [email protected] ) for any additional information and to enquire about my rates.
I’m sure we’ll find a way to work together!