Jamacho – Hiking Through Queens Forest in Kathmandu, Nepal

Jamacho Hiking in Kathmandu


Some of the major facts about the Jamacho Peak Hiking are discussed below

Altitude: 2128m/6981’

Hiking Duration: 3-5 Hours

Distance: 7.4 KM/4.6 Miles

Elevation: 840 Meters/2750’

Why Hike to Jamacho?

  1. Serene and Near from Kathmandu (Away from hustling and bustling city)
  2. Trails exceed through queen’s forest (Raniban) and get hold at Tamang (Buddhists) Stupa
  3. Varieties of Flora and Fauna
  4. Mesmerizing views of the Kathmandu valley, including Swayambhu and the Nuwakot district
  5. Nagarjuna (Shivapuri National Parks) unique preservation of birds, mammals and vegetation makes the walk heavenly.
  6. The summer palace of the Royal family turned into a museum adds to historical significance of the place besides being a preferred site for meditation.

How to Get There (Jamacho)

  1. Drive to Machhapokhari, Balaju (Either on Private Vehicle or on Local Bus)
  2. Walk to Shivapuri National Park Gate if you’re on public vehicle (You can drive upto here if you’re on private vehicle)
  3. Buy Tickets and Start Hike

Average Cost per Person

  1. Transportation Fare: NPR 100-500
  2. Breakfast: NPR 100-500
  3. Tickets to enter: NPR 125 –
  4. Water and Snacks NPR 100-500

Our Experience to Jamacho Peak

Posing for a Photo, Half way to Jamacho Peak
Posing for a Photo, Half way to Jamacho Peak

It was a Nepali New Year’s Day (Nepali Year 2076 B.S.), we woke up early in the morning as planned. It was 6:00 A.M. and it took around half an hour for all of us to get ready.

Then we started our journey to Jamacho, Shivapuri National Park. First, We had to reach Machhapokhari and then Nagarjun Checkpost (which was 20 minutes walk from Machhapokhari).

Since we lived in Raniban area (Opposite of Swoyambhu) and there’s no chance of getting a vehicle to there directly. So, we decided to walk all the way. And It took us around 45 minutes to reach the checkpost.

Since, it was a National Park, we had to buy tickets to enter. And the price for the ticket is NPR 125 per person. After buying tickets you’ll be checked by a military personnel before entering the area. You’re not allowed to bring any sharp objects (knives, blades, etc.) ,flammable objects (matchsticks, lighters, flares, etc.), alcohols or any drugs. If any of these objects found with you will be seized by them.

Entry after Military Check

After the first screening (check), we had to give details of one of us and leave the Identity Card (Citizenship, License, School/College ID Card, etc.). Since, we were clear, we were allowed to enter the area. Before starting our hike, we asked on the military personnel  about the time it would take us to reach the top of the hill (Jamacho). And he informed us that, it might take around 2 hour for us to reach the top.

Then we started our journey with the foot trails. There’s also an alternative way for vehicles. The foot trail was really steep in the beginning. It almost felt like climbing Mt. Everest (Though I’ve not been to Everest). The path was clean and maintained. It had stairs all the way to the top.

Since, we’re not much physically active, the hike was a bit difficult. Some of us even had a feeling of never reaching to the top.

But the green environment, fresh air and chirping of birds boosted our energy level and encouraged us to continue our journey.

After walking about 45 minutes uphill, we reached to the second checkpost. Here, the military personnel asked us about our details (where were we from, number of members in group, etc.). One of us gave the detail to the military person and then we continued our journey.

Walking on a Red Carpet, Jamacho Trails

Now the trail was easier than before. It was less steep, forest was dense and the fallen leaves on the trail gave us a feeling of walking on the Red Carpet. This happy environment made us capture the moment in our mobile phones. So we took photos of each other for memory.

Posing for a photo on Natural Red Carpet
Posing for a photo on Natural Red Carpet

In our group one of us was a keen photographer, so he helped to take our best photos possible from our mobile phones. The paths and the environment was so heavenly that the photographer friend regretted for not bringing his camera on this hike.

After taking photos from our phones, we promised to come again with camera and take a lot of best photos next time and continued our journey to Jamacho.

On the way we met a lovely couple, and find out that they came for a hike, but too early. They arrived at the first check post at 4:00 A.M in the morning. So they had to wait till the gate opened at 7:00 A.M. We talked for a while and continued our journey all together.

Then after walking and talking, you’ll finally reach flat surface or a place to rest. I don’t know the exact name of the place but it was clean and nice. So, we decided to rest for a while and have snacks. For snacks we brought some bananas, fruit cakes, cookies and juices.

After resting and eating 50% of our snacks, we continued our journey to the Jamacho. From here, we could see the top of hill. Thus, with the estimated time of around 1.5 hours to reach there, we continued our journey.

Ghosts and Cannibals come from nowhere

Now, the altitude was higher, temperature was colder and the forest was more dense. Sometimes, it gave us a feeling of horror movie, where the ghosts and cannibals come from nowhere.

But the chirping of birds, fully bloomed Rhododendron (National Flower of Nepal), greenery and the scenery of the Kathmandu Valley from high altitude gave us a feel of paradise.

To see the heaven, you don’t need to die or get high, all you’ve to do is go for a hike or trek in Nepal.

Walking through the woods for almost 1 hour and 45 minutes we reached to the top of the Hill, Jamacho. At the top there was a Tamang (One of the ethnic group of Nepal) Monastery and view tower.

Here, Tamang people come to worship their ancestors and gods, they also offer prayer flags for good will. The wind, prayer flags and the top view of Kathmandu valley and surrounding hills is really amazing.

First we rested there for a while, then tried panipuri (street snacks), and had rest of our snacks, then climbed the View Tower. From here, you could see the hills and trails you’ve come from, panoramic view of Kathmandu valley and surrounding hills.

With the plan of coming again, we climbed down the hill. On the way we took lots of photos for our memory. While we’re returning, lots of people were climbing up the hill to reach the top. Now, it was getting more crowded, so we felt great for coming early when it was serene.

Good Bye to Trikaal Baba

Pravesh with Trikaal, On the Top of Jamacho Peak
Pravesh with Trikaal, On the Top of Jamacho Peak

On the way to the top, Pravesh (One of our friend), has already made a friend, Trikaal Baba. Trikaal was none other than a fat and tall stick which was carried as an assistant to climb the hill. But unfortunately, he had to leave it with one of the hikers who was on the beginning of the trail and was having difficulty on climbing. Thus, the kind-hearted friend handed Trikaal to her.

Now, we reached to the final check post after walking down for about 1.5 hours and took our Identity card and walked towards our home. As soon as we started to walk on the roads of Kathmandu, it felt like moving in or a chimney (hot and Smokey).

Here, we could feel difference between the clean, fresh and greenery and the polluted city. After taking a ride on a public bus for about 15 minutes and then walking for another 20 minutes, we reached our home.

Finally, we took shower and rested the day. This was the first and probably the best starting day of our NEW YEAR.

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