Kushma Gyadi – Highest and Longest Suspension Bridge in Nepal

Tallest and Highest Suspension Bridge in Nepal, Kushma Gyadi

Kushma is a municipality and the headquarters of Parvat District which lies in the Western part of Nepal just about 57 km from Pokhara and 262 Kilometers off from Kathmandu..

The place is famous for catenary suspension footbridge, which is one of the world’s highest of it’s type. And it was opened in early 2010.

Now, the newly built Bungee and Swing has got attention among the internal as well as international tourists.

And it is the highest bungee and swing in Nepal and second highest in the world.

Tour Highlights of Kushma (Facts)


1. Three Longest and Tallest Suspension Bridge

2. Cable Car

3. Kusma Bazaar

4. Gupteshwor Mahadev’s Temple and Cave

5. Highest Bungee and Swing in Nepal (World’s Second Highest)

How to reach Kushma Bazar, Parbat (Transportation)

  1. From Kathmandu, Take a bus which goes to Baglung but you don’t have to reach Baglung. Kathmandu – Kushma fare is aobut NRS 700 – 800 on a Tourist Bus. (You can also take a flight to Pokhara from Kathmandu an then take a bus or private vehicle to Kushma)
  2. From Pokhara, You can take a local bus from Baglung Bus Park which will cost you around NRS 200.

Estimated Expenses

For Budget Travelers

  2. Meals on the Way NRS 1500
  3. Other Miscellaneous Expenses – NRS 1000

Note: On a tight budget, you can enjoy this beautiful place for about NRS 5000 [$50]. This estimate does not include living on hotel for a night.

This estimate is made on assumption that you will take a night bus from Kathmandu and Reach Kushma in the morning and return back to Kathmandu the same day on Night Bus.

Facts of Highest Bungee/Swing in Kushma, Nepal

  • Second highest bungee jumping in the world
  • World’s highest swing
  • The length of the bridge is 525 meters
  • And the vertical distance from the river (Kaligandaki) to the bridge is 228 meters (748 feet)

Bungee and Swing Packages at The Cliff

Prices mentioned here are inclusive of all taxes and will be valid till 15 of December, 2020.

All packages include shared transportation from Pokhara to Kushma (Both Ways).

All packages include buffet lunch at The Cliff Resort in Kushma.

Rates mentioned here are available for trip days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Prices nay vary on non-trip days regarding transportation.

Individual Packages

Package NamePrice (NPR)
Go and See2,000
Bungee or Swing Day Trip8,450
Bungee and Swing Day Trip11,600
Triple Thrills Day
(Includes 3 jumps, the 4th one is free for the same person.)

Duo Packages

Package NamePrice (NPR)
Tandem Thrill Day Trip
(Includes Tandem Swing)
Crazy Duo Day Trip
(Includes 2 single bungee/swing & 1 tandem swing)

Video Package

Package NamePrice [NPR]
1st Jump Video1,200
2nd Jump Video1,000

Activities Only

Activity NamePrice [NPR]
2nd Jump3,500
3rd Jump2,500
4th JumpFree (Same Jumper)
Tandem Swing12,000

Overnight Packages at the Highest Bungee/Swing in Nepal

Prices mentioned are per person (except for Tandem Deluxe), inclusive of all taxes and will be valid till 30th of November, 2020.

All packages include full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at our resort in Kusma.

Our trip days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Just Chill

Package NamePrice [NPR]
Deluxe Night Stay3,500
Standard Night Stay2,500

Stay and Play

Package NamePrice [NPR]
Deluxe Stay and Bungee/Swing9,999
Deluxe Stay and Bungee and Swing13,950
Standard Stay and Bungee/Swing8,999
Standard Stay and Bungee and Swing12,950
Tandem Deluxe Special (2 Person)15,999

Transportation – 1,000 (Pokhara – Kushma- Pokhara)

For Enquiries and Booking


[email protected], [email protected]


Kathmandu: 01 – 4413997

Pokhara: 061 – 590900

Kushma: 067 – 422228

Don’t forget to mention our name while enquiry (Imfreee.Com)

Our First Experience from Kushma

It was 1st of January 2017, Yes New Year. We stayed at Pokhara on Christmas Eve and celebrated New Year with bunch of crazy college friends. We had no plans for the first day of the year but wanted to do something amazing. So, here we got an idea about traveling to Kushma.

Santosh (friend), suggested us to go to Kusma Bazaar of Parbat district which is just about 57 KM from Pokhara. And he also told that the longest and the tallest suspension bridge lies on Kusma. We were excited and everyone agreed to go there.

All of us were hungry so we went to have light breakfast, then took a local bus to Kusma from Baglung Buspark. The bus was full, wo we sat on front with driver. Through the glass, I could the mesmerizing mountain ranges like Annapurna, Machhapuchhre and Dhaulagiri. Passing beautiful hills, valleys and green forests, we reached to Kusma, which took about 1 and half hour from Pokhara.

Mountains Seen On the Way to Kushma
Mountains Seen On the Way to Kushma

At first, we roam around Kusma Bazar for about half an hour and then we had lunch (Masu Bhat). Then took a rest for a while and moved towards the place where the bridge was situated. After walking for 15-20 minutes, we reached to the famous Kushma-Gyadi bridge. I was amazed by the length and height of the bridge. Then we walk on the bridge to reach the other side. To be honest, I was afraid to walk on that bridge though I am not afraid of the heights.

Suspension Bridge in Kushma
Suspension Bridge in Kushma

"How could they ride a bike where I can’t even walk fearlessly?"

The view from the middle of the bridge is breathtaking, I am pretty sure that the people with light heart won’t cross that bridge. To cross that bridge I had to catch on the side of the bridges. But the locals were riding bike on that bridge which made me think “How could they ride a bike where I can’t even walk fearlessly?”.

After few minutes, we reached to the next end of the bridge where we took rest for a while in a small hotel and had few drinks, Coca Cola not alcohol. Haha.

Then I noticed a similar bridge few far from that one. And got to know that there are three similar bridges in that area which joins three different places with Kusma, which was making the lives of people easier. Before the bridge was built, people had to walk for hours to reach Kusma Bazar, but now they can reach within minutes.

After taking a rest for a while we moved towards other to bridges. All of them were similar but different lengths and heights. On the end next side of the third bridge, there was a resort which was famous for local fish. So, we had brunch there, fish with gravy and MoMos, and it tasted really good. While we were eating, suddenly it started to rain with hailstones. The view of the surrounding green hills with rain, hailstones and sun looked amazing. For a moment I felt like I was in heaven.

Rain with Hailstones in Kushma
Rain with Hailstones in Kushma

When rain stopped it was already 5PM, and we were planning to return to Kathmandu the same day. So, we returned to Kusma bazar after a while and booked our bus tickets for Kathmandu. Since our bus was leaving around 7PM, we had some time to roam around the bazar.

At 6:40 PM we arrived at our bus and take a seat and rest. Even walking for a whole day, I didn’t feel tired, I think the breathtaking views from the bridges, beautiful people, green hills and mountains took all our pain and tiredness.

With the hope of coming back soon again, we departed to Kathmandu to attend college the next day. He He.

Kusma bazar is on my list of “Must visit places around Pokhara”.

Kushma Nepal FAQ

Highest and Longest Suspension Bridge in Nepal

Kushma - Gyadi suspension bridge is the highest and longest suspension bridge in Nepal. It is 1,128 feet (344 mts) long and 384 feet (117 mtrs) above the Modi river.

Where is Kushma?

Kushma is city which lies in the western part of Nepal just about 57 km from Pokhara and 12 km from Baglung. It is a municipality and headquarter of Parbat district, Nepal.

How to Reach Kushma?

From Kathmandu, Take a bus that goes to Baglung and get off at Kushma.
From Pokhara, Take a bus to Kushma from Baglung Bus Park.

Places to visit in Kushma

1. Three highest and longest suspension bridges
2. Cable Car
3. Kushma Bazaar
4. Highest Bungee and Swing in Nepal.

Where is the Highest Bungee Jump in Nepal?

The Highest Bungee Jump in Nepal is located at Kushma, Parbat district of Western Nepal. It is just 57 km from Pokhara and 12 km from Baglung.

Which is the Highest Bungee Jump in Nepal?

Bungee and Swing by The Cliff at Kushma is the highest Bungee Jump in Nepal.

How high is the Highest Bungee Jump of Nepal?

The Highest Bungee and Swing in Nepal is 228 meters (748 feet) high from Kaligandaki River. And the length of the suspension bridge is 525 meters.

Where should we visit next?

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