Champadevi Hiking Trip from Kathmandu Valley, The place is cursed

Hiking to Champadevi

Highlights of Champadevi Hiking Trail (Facts/Attractions)

  1. A Day Hiking Trail near Kathmandu
  2. Panoramic view of surrounding valley (Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur)
  3. Varieties of Flora and Fauna
  4. Clean and Fresh Environment

How to Reach (Transportation)

  1. Go to Purano Bus park (Old Bus park – Opposite of Bir Hospital)
  2. Catch a Bus to Dakshinkali
  3. Get Off on Pharping
  4. Start Hiking and
  5. Return Back to Pharping
  6. Catch a Bus back to Kathmandu

Estimated Expenses for Champadevi Hiking Trip

  1. Transportation – Around NPR 200 per person – KTM to Pharping to KTM
  2. Breakfast or Lunch – Around NPR 200
  3. Water – 2 liters must – Around NPR 40
  4. Snacks for later – Around NPR 150

Thus, the Total Expenses is Around NPR 590.

Note: This estimation is for Budget Travelers. You can spend more if you want luxury hiking.

Our Experience

The journey was planned when we had nothing to do in weekend after having boring college days. Initial plan was to go to Taudaha, but ended in Champadevi, Pharping instead.

We started our journey from Purano Buspark (Old Buspark opposite of Bir Hospital). It is the center of Kathmandu Valley and you can find buses to almost everywhere around the Valley.

Here, we took a bus to Dakshinkali, a famous temple around the valley. But we do not need to reach there. We get off on Pharping with the initial aim of visiting the local monasteries and Pharping Hydro Power (First Hydro Power of Nepal which supplied electricity to Singha Durbar, Kathmandu).

In Search of Bhatti

We did not have anything in the morning, so all of us started to look for a place to eat as soon as we get off the bus. Then finally, decided to eat on a restaurant near the monasteries, a little above the road.

On the way, we met monks and asked for the way to go to the monasteries, as none of us were familiar to that place. After walking for about 20 minutes, we reached to one of the monasteries and decided to have lunch in one of the Bhatti (Place where alcoholic drinks and snacks are served mostly).

You might think, Shameless people drinking in daylight near a religious place. But we did not have any other option to go, since there were no other restaurants under our budget. So, we had Chowmein, Chana Aaloo, Eggs, Chiura Tarkari.

And trust me we did not drink any alcoholic drinks.

Now, Informed about Champadevi

While having our breakfast we asked the owner, about the places where we can visit. And he said about a cave a little above and hiking to Champadevi. As soon as we heard about Champadevi, we got excited and asked for more details about the place.

And from him we knew that, it is a beautiful, green hill from where, Kathmandu valley can be seen clearly. And the top can be reached in 2-3 hours. So, we took some snacks to eat and few bottles of water to drink on the way.

Then, we started our journey to CHAMPADEVI.

Unknown Cave: On the way to Champadevi

Since, we were new to the place, we had to ask to locals we met on the way for direction. After walking for about 15-20 minutes we reached to the cave. It was about 150 meters up from the pathway and the path to reach there was narrow and slippery but anyway we reached the cave but unfortunately the gate was locked.

We looked for peoples who can open gate for us, a little further away, a woman was cutting grass for her cattle who asked us if we wanted to go in. We said yes, and she talked with the people in next hill (about 300meters away from us) to bring or send key to unlock the gate.

Entering the Cave

After waiting for about 15 minutes, two kids came to us with the key and unlocked the gate. Then we entered the cave excitingly. It was cold and dark, so we had to use the flashlight of our mobile phones. It was damp and slippery inside the cave.

Inside there we saw different rock formation and also found that the locals were worshipping inside the cave. We looked around the cave, reached the end and returned safely.

I don’t know the exact length of the cave but it took us about 20 mins to go inside and return.

The kids who brought us the key were waiting us on the gate. So, we locked the gate and gave them the keys. And we also gave them some biscuits and noodles and thanked them and the villagers.

After that, we continued our journey to CHAMPADEVI.

Slow and Steady to Champadevi

We had to climb the hill for about 2 and half hours to reach to the top. So, we walked slowly talking about the different things that happened in our life.

As we climb up, we got lost in the beauty of nature. The hills, forests and the clouds took our breathe away. It made us feel like we were in paradise.

On the way, we found an old man who was looking for wild mushroom in the forest. He was living in that area for a long time and shared some moments of his life with us. He was cool and said that he had many girlfriends when he was young.

Local of Champadevi
Local of Champadevi

After walking together for about 20 minutes we separated our ways. We headed towards CHAMPADEVI while he went deep into the woods looking for mushrooms.

Now we found some good paths paved with stones, and we followed the way to the CAHMPADEVI.

Two new local Friends

After a while, we met two guys who were also going to CHAMPADEVI but came from another way. So, we walked together and introduced each other.

And we got to know that they were from the neighboring villages and were doing engineering. They also came here for a short hike .

While we were walking we found out that our bottles were emptied, we had no more waters. So I said there should be some water resources nearby.

But I got know that there are no water resources in that hills since it was cursed by gods in ancient ages. I was curious about that and asked for details.

No water in this place

So, he said “Although it looks green there are no water resources in this hill”. In ancient times god Indra used to come to this place for hunting. And there were many rivers and streams in this area. But one day while he was hunting with his dog, he lost his dog into the woods. He called for the dog, but due to the sound of stream his voice could not reach farther and his dog could not hear him. So, he cursed to dry all the water resources of that place. From that day, there are no water resources in that place.”.

I was amazed to hear that, and imagined about how this place would be if it had streams, rivers and lakes. This place would be a part of heaven.

With different thoughts in our head, we continued our journey and after walking form about an hour we reached to the top of the hill where CHAMPADEVI temple was located. All of us worshipped to the goddess and took some selfies and climbed down the hill.

We decided to rest on the way for a while. And opened the packets of snacks and shared with each other. They had enough water for all of us and shared with us. After taking rest for about half an hour we climbed down and the place came to get separated with those guys.

So, with the promise of meeting again we said good bye to them and took our ways. From that place it took us about 1 and half hour to reach the highway.

Pharping: First Hydropower of Nepal

From highway we decided to visit the first hydropower of Nepal, PHARPING HYDRPOWER, which was located in about 15 minutes down the road. After roaming around the hydropower for around half an hour we came to the road to catch the bus to Kathmandu.

Local buses are crowded in rush hour so, we had to adjust in any situation to came back to our home. We anyhow managed to come back to Kathmandu after having a busy day in a beautiful hill.

Even we were in Kathmandu valley we couldn’t forget the beautiful scenes and felt proud to get birth in such beautiful country, Nepal.

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