Why you should visit Manakamana at least once in your life?

Why you should visit Manakamana at least once in your life?

Manakamana temple is a sacred place for Hindus. Goddess Bhagwati an incarnation of Parvati is worshipped in this temple. And it is believed that the wishes of pilgrims will come true if they worship her by their heart. And it is also famous with Newari newlyweds who pray for sons.

Mana means “heart” and Kamana means “wish”, so the word Manakamana means “the wish from heart”.


King Ram Shah
King Ram Shah

The legend of Goddess Manakamana dates back to the 17th century during the reign of King Ram Shah of Gorkha. It is believed that the Queen possessed the divine power, which was only known to her devotee Lakhan Thapa. Accidentally One day the king witnessed his queen in the incarnation of goddess and Lakhan Thapa as Lion. And the revelation of the Queen and Lakhan Thapa caused mysterious death of the king. And according to the custom of that period, Queen went Sati (burnt on the pyre of king) with the dead body of her king. Before going sati, queen assured Lakhan Thapa that she would reappear in the future.

After six months, while the farmer was ploughing his field, found a stone which was pouring milk and blood from it. As soon as Lakhan Thapa knew, he immediately started performing hindu tantric and the present hindu shrine was built. Since, then she has been worshipped according to the hindu religion. And only the descendent of Lakhan Thapa can be the priest of the Temple.

Things to do in Manakamana

For those who haven’t experienced the cable car ride, then this is the best place to have. It is the first rope way of Nepal which is 2,772.2 m long and the top station is located at 1,302 m height. This cable car system was imported from Austria on November 24, 1998. One can experience the max speed of 21.6 km/h and mesmerizing view of surrounding hills and villages can be seen from the cable car.

Manakamana Cable Car Nepal
Manakamana Cable Car Nepal

For Hindus, it is a holy place to worship goddess Bhagwati. Whereas others can enjoy the structure and surrounding of the Manakamana Temple.

Cinematic view of surrounding hills with Orange gardens can be seen. On clear sunny day, breath taking view of Mt. Manaslu – Himachali and Manaslu ranges can be seen.

If you love to go for a short hike, then you can go to another sacred place called Bakreshwori Temple. A little above Manakamana temple and takes about 1 and half hour to reach there. It is believed that the child with difficulty in speaking will be cured if they are taken here and worship the goddess.

From the beautiful view of nature and chirping of birds makes the trip amusing. Furthermore, climbing the hill from Barkreshwori through the beautiful Rhododendron forest takes us to another sacred place on the top of the hill. The temple is built in respect and memory of Lakhan Thapa. From here, clear mountain ranges, Gorkha Bazaar, Aanboo Khaireni and top view of Manakamana temple can be seen.

Estimated Expenses to Visit Manakamana

  1. Travel to Manakamana Cable Car Station, From Kathmandu NPR 300 on a local bus [Fare is different depending upon the place from where you are ]
  2. Two Way Cable Car Fare – Around NPR 640 for Nepalese [Different rate for foreigners]
  3. Lunch – NPR 250
  4. Souvenirs/Gifts – NPR 100 – Thousands [Its up to you]
  5. Stay in Hotel – Around NPR 500 for a normal room

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